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Wedding Day


Are you getting ready for your big day?

Maybe you have two left feet and need some guidance for your first dance? 

Or maybe your wedding party wants to get the party started with surprise choreographed routine!

Look no further because Active Arts is here to help!

Active Arts can help you create the first dance you want! Whether you are looking for basic partnering work for a slower romantic song or you want some funky hiphop and jazz steps to give your dance a special flare, we can do it! 

Learn a relaxed and fun routine that is choreographed to your ability and style! 

Pricing is dependant on how many hours, if it is a group and whether you need song editing included. 


Ready to book your lesson? Please fill out the below contact form. Be sure to provide the date of your wedding, if you are looking for first dance or group instruction and if you would be willing to travel to our Wasaga location studio. 

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