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Dance Class



Winter registration is NOW OPEN!
The session begins January 6th.

If you are unsure what class is right for your dancer we are happy to help. Use the contact form at the bottom of this page.
Classes in Wasaga 
7:30- 8:30 Vibeology 101
Come one, come all! This class is for all levels of dancers and humans wanting to have fun, feel confident and find community through dance. We will move and groove together through various styles such as jazz, hip hop, funk, contemporary and more. Each class will include a warm up, basic technique and choreography. 

8:30-9:00 Adult Performance Prep
We are very excited about an upcoming performance opportunity for those of you who are ready to step onto the stage and into the spot light!  This additional class is for any dancers in Vibeology 101 interested in learning some fun choreography for a local performance opportunity in the new year. There will be an additional practice on February 26th for a whole hour as this is show week. Please note there is an additional cost to take this class on top of the regular Vibeology 101 class. 
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