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Wasaga Spring Session - 9 week session

Session Start Date:April 19th

Session End Date: June 18th

Showcase Date: Sunday June 19th


Thornbury Spring Session - 9 week session

Session Start date: April 19th

Session End Date: June16th

Showcase Dates: Thursday June 16th


Our recreational program is broken down into 3 sessions (Fall, Winter and Spring). Each session is between a 9-12 week program that will include a recital at the end.  You DO NOT have to commit to all three sessions if you are recreational dancer.
NOTE: None of these performances will require you to purchase a professionally made costume

Competitive Team:

The competitive team requires a commitment to all three sessions. At the end of each session the team will perform at the recital with the recreational dancers. On top of this, they will also be attending three competitions between the months of April and May. To be on the competitive team you must come in for an interview and a trial class.
NOTE: The competitive team does have to purchase professionally made costumes for their dances


Adult classes:

Adult classes are broke down into 8 to 10 week sessions. You must pre-register for a class but are welcome to join part way through a session. 

NOTE: Adult classes do not perform in any recitals. All levels welcome. 


* Please be aware there is a one time $5 registration fee per family due upon the time you register

WASAGA session pricing :
9 week Spring session = $115.00 + HST


THORNBURY session pricing:

9 week Spring session = $115.00+HST 

You do not have to pay for a whole session up front. We are happy to provide and accept the option of monthly payments but we need ensure all payments are in by the 1st of the month. There will be a $5.00 late fee charged to any fees handed in after the 1st.