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Tiny Toes

Exploring movement, rhythm, and performance this class is specifically designed for the wee dancers out there. This class is also a great introduction to group interaction and activities. Imaginative play, sing-alongs, games and exercises allow young dancers to begin to develop a sense of music and coordinated movement.



A dance form rich in technique and tradition.  It emphasizes grace, control, and storytelling.  This style provides a strong technical foundation for other dance forms. 


Includes a diverse range of smooth, sharp and fluid movement. Jazz styles continue to evolve based on new genres of music and current trends. By applying a solid base of technique dancers are able to adapt to this ever-changing art form.



A dance form that is based on intricate rhythms that challenge you mentally and physically. In tap, your movement creates a percussive layer to the music that adds to the overall performance.


A fusion of dance and acrobatics, this style creates a fluid mix of skilled tricks and dance choreography.  Acrobatic dances can be performed with multiple stylistic approaches such as ballet, jazz or lyrical.  Contortions, tumbling, balances and creative partner work are some of the dynamic skills that can be included in acrobatic dances.



Is a style choreographed to depict the lyrics of a song through movement. Lyrical combines aspects of jazz, ballet and modern styles to create a fluid performance that connects the viewer to the song and its story.


Contemporary is a dance form that is based on the modern dance revolution.  A departure from technical focus allows for dancers to explore alternative ways of moving as well as the ability to link the body movements to an emotion or concept.  Movements may originate prior to the song or rhythms and may not have any coordinating sound at all. 



Popping. Locking. Breaking. Hip-hop comes in a variety of forms originating from the streets. Often high energy, the choreography makes Hip-hop a dynamic and engaging dance form.


Dance Cardio

A cardio work out while getting all the fun of dancing. Combining the best of jazz, hiphop, funk and latin to create a high energy class designed to make you sweat!


This class is all about confidence and loving the body you are in. Come strut it, WERK it and own it! Taking all the best styles to make routines that make you feel sassy and strong. 


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