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We want to be able to share the gifts that we can during this time of hardship and uncertainty.  We hope to provide support through the arts.  We need all of our creativity to outshine our fears, to problem solve solutions and to provide comfort when we feel hopeless and lost. To do our part we will be launching an online activity schedule entirely FREE for you to access.

Monday - Thursday


We will be doing some videos LIVE!!  Some of our classes we will be hosting in real time through the Zoom platform.  We will send an email and post on our social media with a link to the video chat 10 minutes prior to the scheduled class time.  We will be muting any participants to limit audio interruptions however we will be monitoring the typing chat if anyone has questions during the class.  Feel free to turn on your video so we can see you but this is totally optional.  

But what if the timing doesn't work for me?  No worries!  Zoom records us during the class. We will then take these recordings and send you the link where you can go into the class at a later time or repeat again and again!

Some classes will be pre-recorded and uploaded to Youtube. The link to this pre-recorded class will be sent out 10 minutes prior to the schedule class time. 





The schedule will change each week. Be sure to check in every Friday to see what we have planned for the following week!

All of our online classes have age suggestions however please feel free to tune in and join to the best of your ability.  

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Schedule: May 19th-20th: 

*All specified ages are suggestions. Classes are open to everyone


11:00am LIVE Class: Tiny Toes  This class is geared towards ages 2-5. We will focus on basic movement, rhythm and imagination.


10:00am LIVE Class: Cardio Dance   This class is usually for adults but it is a great for everyone to feel the rhythm and keep your heart healthy at the same time. It focuses on repetitive upbeat dance movements to get you sweating!

11:00am LIVE Class: Hip Hop   This class will be a fun hiphop routine.  It will be geared toward 8 & up year olds but all ages can join in here.  Maybe your not doing the exact movements we are but if you are moving and loving it, you are doing it right!  


11:00am LIVE Class: Lyrical  This class is geared towards ages 6-10 but expressive dance is for everyone! We will do some technique exercises and finish off with a routine.


11:00am LIVE Class: Musical Theatre This class is for all ages and for all lovers of musical theatre! We will cover some basic dance skills and learn a combo to a musical theatre classic.

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